Logity Cloud is the leading best-in-class SaaS platform, offering solutions for global shippers, forwarders and carriers.


Logity Cloud provides users with a wide variety of tools to manage and enhance organisational processes that support their supply chain movements. The complex nature and scope of supply chain activities can result in key activities taking place outside the main operating system. Our modular approach means you can select the tools relevant for your business needs.

From tendering to tracking and purchase order management to carbon emission reporting; Logity Cloud provides access for cross-continent input. The need to move away from complex manual spreadsheet manipulation, time zone inefficiencies and the challenge of version control leads is simply managed within Logity Cloud.

This modular based solution allows businesses to use and leverage Logity Cloud to address key pain points within their organisation. Connected to your suppliers or internal systems through our API’s adds efficiencies and speed to your network.

Leveraging RP, AI and chatbots ensures this tool will met your business needs.

Find Your Business Processes Improved with Logity Cloud

Developed after ten years working in and with the logistics industry, Logity Cloud addresses those key areas core operating systems do not. Whatever your size your business might be looking for a customer visibility solution, rate management of your suppliers or a customer portal for quotes or carbon usage.
Speak to our Sales team to find the best solution for your needs.

Quote access and management is essential to all business users for planning and decision making.
Access to a portal containing all your personalised rates gives your organisation instant access and historical traceability.
Whether getting your suppliers to upload rates or managing this process yourself our easy rate mapping tools ensure you can store all your rates in one location and receive multi modal quotes as desired.
Quotes status helps you following up on approvals and feeds to dashboard overviews and reporting.
Sales & Tenders
Tenders are an often complex and time sensitive process for Sales.
With Logity Cloud Sales & Tenders you can define your tender process, create tasks and assign to your colleagues
Capturing customer details, bid information, key dates ensures your data is centrally available to senior stakeholders.
Levels of access ensures data security for this critical business process.
Gather tender information from local and global teams is made easier with this rate card management solution.
Tracking carbon emissions within supply chains has become critic to most businesses as stakeholders and customers want visibility.
Incepteo has developed a tool that enables you to take control by capturing and tracking carbon emissions.
Using this data empowers decision makers to implement new processes and strategies to increase sustainable supply chain models.
Whether you import or export goods, having increased visibility of shipment or order movement status is vital to your planning and business management.
With Logity Cloud Tracking you can combine multiple vendor shipment movements into one tracking portal. Available 24/7 ensures that wherever your customers or teams reside information is accessible.
Purchase orders
Take control of your supply chain purchase order visibility. From PO creation to final delivery you can view and manage your supply chain. Provide your suppliers with visibility of your purchase orders and obtain planning and despatch information in real time to support improved management of your stock movements.
Set order tolerances throughout the process and manage exceptions. Restrict view access based on user roles. Track dialogue and instructions against individual PO’s.
Integrate your system via CSV/FTP or EDI/XML.