Operational visibility tool for b2b logistics business reporting and customer satisfaction


The Logistics industry is a tough industry, continually facing pressure on profit margins whilst needing to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Efficiency in operations is the only solution for balancing this critical combination. A key area for both operations, and their customers, is global visibility of supply chains. This client had identified that regions and countries operated their systems slightly differently making a single global visibility tool highly inefficient to build and maintain.

A single movement of goods from point A to point B contains a huge amount of data, not all of which is required for intelligent analysis or reporting, both internally and for customers. Capturing the relevant data and providing it to users to draw conclusions for continual service improvement strategies was the challenge. Safeguarding the data is another high priority. Not everybody should have access toall areas of the system. Data needs to be accessible based on the role and region.

Client is the world's largest Supply Chain and Logistics Company operating around the world. Present in over 220 countries and territories across the globe makes it the most international company. They provide solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs.


Incepteo had built a framework called Cloud Sheets that was readily customisable for presenting data to any audience. The framework was built over years making it easily customisable for different organisations on a quick turn basis. Adding, modifying and removing of data elements was simple with minimal / no code changes and based on the type of logic to be implemented against the elements.

Initially the client provided the data points that need to be received from the main database. These data points are then grouped to categories so that they could be easily configured by role. While configuring data columns, we added other elements like SLAs, time zones, currencies, etc. on top of the framework to bring intelligence to the data.

Based on the client needs, we split the reports into Standard and Custom Reports. Scheduling was made available for the standard reports so that preconfigured distribution lists could receive the report based on defined date/time details. Dynamic reports were implemented for custom reporting.

Data was interfaced into the tool via XML every 15 minutes; a manual excel file upload solution was additionally provided. Key users were given access rights to modify data received or missing, needed for visibility and reporting.


Client wanted to deploy the solution for it’s customer, an end-to-end computing solutions company. We applied the required business rules, SLAs, etc. and delivered the system inside agreed timeframes and received recognition directly from the end customer. Incrementally the reporting has been improved to suit the changing needs of client.

We received a further order to build similar system for another global customer who is world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

The challenge was to provide a solution that delivered customer satisfaction at three levels; to our client’s account management team, to their global operations teams and to their customer.


  • Configurable Columns and Custom Rules
  • SLA Calculation
  • User Role column access and data visibility
  • Read / Write / Edit functions based on roles
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Editable and Non-editable columns
  • Multiple Currencies and Time zones
  • EDI, Interface Service and File Upload options for data flow