Logistics customer service solution for world’s leading logistics service provider


Customer service / satisfaction is an important element for building successful businesses; Supply Chain and Logistics are no exception. Customers need to interact with different departments and it is essential that they receive highest level of satisfaction in these interactions. Each customer wants to feel valued like they are the most important customer.

Customer service and satisfaction had become a core strategic deliverable for this client. They were focused to define several elements and set clear targets they wanted to achieve. Finding a solution that could meet the utilisation of logistics data with the conventional customer support tools led the client to ask Incepteo for support.

Client is known for having a global network and a wide range of services. One such service they provide is to act as the Lead Logistics Partner for a client. For our client, being LLP means managing change across entire supply chain, to meet changing business and customer demands. They do this by bringing continuous improvement and cost reduction, introducing lean logistics processes and optimising logistics networks.


Over the years, Incepteo had incrementally built a strong in-house support team and development tools with processes around them safeguarding SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and interests of each customer. This core functional support knowledge was combined with our Supply Chain and Logistics domain expertise to define a framework inclusive of different elements and data points that were needed.

The framework was then taken through review and refinement process with several subject matter experts in Supply Chain and Logistics industry. The solution built around the framework matched exactly to one specific customer that the business wished to focus on. The solution was piloted for 6 months with the nominated customer and then incrementally one new customer per month was onboarded.

This project actively continued for two years implementing customers and during this time saw a lot of enhancement / improvement requests. These requests were categorised as either core features or customer specific features. All core features were implemented across the board whilst customer specific features were implemented as configurable items at customer level.

Data was interfaced into the tool via XML every 15 minutes; a manual excel file upload solution was additionally provided. Key users were given access rights to modify data received or missing, needed for visibility and reporting.


Balancing the current need of service delivery with the need for change and improvement led to a piloted approach for this solution. This process was hugely successful and avoid disruption to the end customer. Enable our client to learn the solution, develop internal experts to manage and support further customer migrations.

This customer service solution captured the required data points to track, monitor, alert and gauge customer satisfaction which was a requirement. Incepteo delivered a solution that brought value by bringing intelligence through information in form of Reports, Dashboards and Alerts / Notifications. Features like data integration; RAG ticket indication based on SLAs; enforced closure of tickets; mandated capture of Corrective Action and Preventive Action for certain ticket types.

The solution helped our client deliver on their service delivery strategy and raise the bar in customer satisfaction year-on-year. After six years of actively using this solution there are now over 65 customers onboard which we feel reflects the outcome and our success story in this engagement.


  • Customer Service Request Management
  • Logistics Integration
  • Service Level Agreement (SLAs)
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Customisable to fit into businesses
  • Suitable for Global Operations
  • Users and Roles
  • Read / Write / Edit functions based on roles
  • Customer level configuration
  • Statuses and Categories